Logan Temple

Former bodyguard,


LG Half-Elf Samurai 4/Brawler (Wild Child) 1
Str 18 Dex 14 Con 16 Int 9 Wis 12 Cha 15


Originally Royland Keene, Logan Temple is son to a poet and a warrior. Taking more after his mother than his father, he swiftly grasped the concept of combat, taking delight in the perceived purity of the art of the warrior. At age 16, a middle aged man named Talvo walked into the dojo, demanding to face off against the best fighter there. Royland went up, and beat his adversary in six moves. Thus, he was taken to Sentinel Island, to be trained and conditioned for work as an elite bodyguard.

After his exam, the now 20 year old Ser Royland was sworn to lady Saffron of house Viamata in Cheliax. Saffron turned out to be something of a high-value target, though not against anything Royland couldn’t handle. The next year was a fine one – the Viamata family was rich, and he enjoyed nearly every luxury Saffron was afforded. Silk bedsheets, spiced wine, imported salmon and admittance to exquisite cultural events. This came to an end one night, as Royland slept. Hearing something moving in his room, he dove for his sword and drew it. Whatever made the noise swung at him, and Royland retorted, sheathing his blade as the body of his attacker fell to the ground. He still hasn’t recovered from the shock he experienced when he turned the light back on, finding Saffron on the ground, her chest slashed open. She was not moving. Knowing his failure required him to commit ritual suicide, he refused to die before he knew why Saffron had attacked him, suspecting an ulterior plot. During his getaway, he locked blades with his partner from Sentinel Island – an encounter that left him with a characteristic scar across the left eye.

He escaped north on his steed, a stallion named Marcurio, deciding to lay low in the lawless Stolen Lands for a while until things calmed down. It was here that he came upon Canneyghios, Magnus and Jago, the three of whom he decided to travel with. He introduced himself with a name that seemed available: Logan Temple.

In combat, Logan will do what he can to protect his allies, refusing to let anyone else die on his watch. He focuses on finishing each foe as swiftly as possible, attacking exposed areas with extreme precision and power, utilizing unorthodox motion to throw the enemy’s defenses off center. He’s selfless and friendly to most, but is to no capacity a man of mercy. Finding no pleasure in causing any kinds of suffering, he will nonetheless do what has to be done. Scared shitless of spiders after a few chance encounters with eight-legged critters across the Greenbelt, and harbors a deep hatred against peaches for reasons undisclosed.

Logan Temple

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